Distance up to Baku: 185 km
Means of transport: Baku - Ismayilli bus
One of the most picturesque corners of Azerbaijan is Ismayilli region.
Besides Azerbaijanis representatives of other nations and ethnic groups living in the area: Lezgins, Russians (malakans), Jews, lahyıch, hapyts, the descendants of ancient Albans.
The folk art traditions are very strong in Ismayilli region. In villages like Galajig, Tezekend and others people are still engaged in carpet-making. On the banks of Girdmanchay, the name which is known since VII century, village of Lahij is especially popular. This small town built on mountainous is one of the most famous craft centers.
Historical and cultural reserves have been created in Basqal and Lahij villages. The historical monuments here are protected. In Basqal village the mosque of XVII century and a bath house, and in Lahij village Badoyun mosque, Zevero Mosque (1791), Agoli mosque and Zevero spring are protected.
There are motels and resorts for accommodation of tourists in the region.