The distance up to Baku: 330 km
Naftalan is a city in the west of Azerbaijan. Its population is 10000 people. One of the best health spa and hotels Chinar Hotel and Spa is situated in Naftalan city. It is the center of a unique  petroleum industry, with a grade of oil referred to as "Naftalan". Naftalan oil is famous in the world for its exclusive curative effects at treatment of nervous, gynecological, urinological and skin illnesses, as well as liver diseases, joints and soft tissues out of joint related to locomotorium.  There have been constructed a lot of green parks consisting mainly of pine trees, and fulfilled improvement works. Naftalan oil is one of the most valuable natural resources of Azerbaijan.This is the only oil in the world besides having the legendary features of its medical importance, differs from other oils for the physical-chemical features.