Airline tickets

First - it is the national airline “Azerbaijan Airlines” - AZAL, which operates flights through Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport and other airports in the country.

VOLCANO TRAVEL offers regular price for flights Kiev-Baku on average  Paris – Baku 700 USD,  London–Baku up to  900 USD. AZAL has direct flights to the cities of the CIS countries: Aktau, Kiev, Mineral Waters, Moscow, Novosibirsk,Tbilisi, as well as Turkey, Dubai, Kabul, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Istanbul,Tehran,Tel Aviv, Urumqi. If you have a complicated route, then one more good option for you is to continue the journey throughDubai. Since 2009, the Arab loukost FlyDubai has started the flights to the capital of Azerbaijan. Now Baku-Dubai - two hours in one direction and up to 200 USD, afterwards you can enjoy any flights of route networks FlyDubai or Emirates.

Low prices for a number of cities of Europe andTurkeyare offered by airline AZAL according to the arrangement with Pegasus Airlines. Tickets to Stuttgart and Cologne amount 330 euros, and to Amsterdam, Stockholm, Basel, Copenhagen, Zurich, Munich, Berlin and Dusseldorf-340 euros.

The company also offers price starting from 290 euros to 15 cities in Turkey. All prices are exclusive of airport charges.