The distance up to 168 km
Means of transport: Baku - Guba bus
There are many healing areas in Guba: Balbulaq, Qizbanbovsha, Tangaaltı ravine with 400-600 meters depth, Geshresh, magnificent waterfall with height of 75-80 meter near the Afurdzhi of the river and etc. One of the miracles of the nature is a figure formed under the water influence on the rocks, the figure of minaret. In this region with rich flora and fauna there are good opportunities for cattle-breeding and fishing.
One of the country's agricultural centers Guba region is known by its famous apple orchards.
There are sulfur water springs located on the banks of Khachinchay in Guba region. There is about 70 natural monuments in the region. "Gelin qayasi", "Qizil qaya", "Guljahan dashy", "Khatadara", "Jafar valley", "Nana-Huy" valley, "Khan spring”,  “Stone brides", "Tree House", "Ateshgah" "Khaltan water", "Khasi hot water", "Sona spring", "Qırkhbulag", "Khan plane", "Road guard", Pyrite depression, Oak Forest, Forests, Gyzylagaj forests are natural miracles. The white-haired eagles living in this region were included in the Red Book of Azerbaijan.
The administrative center of the region, city of Guba is located at the north-eastern slopes of Shahdag of Greater Caucasus range at 600 m above sea level, on the shore Gudialchay.
The village of Khinaliq located at mountains in the territory of region has unique features. In Khinaliq, which consists of 380 houses, is resided with 3000 residents. The population of the village is a separate ethnic group. They have their own language, besides them no one speak this language in the world. Khinaliq is one of the most interesting components forming the face of Guba region. There are a lot of hotels and recreational areas in the city of Guba.