The distance up to Baku: 157 km

Transport: Baku - Khachmaz buses, Baku - Yalama, Baku - Rostov, Baku - Moscow, Baku - Kiev, Baku - Kharkov trains

There are many thermal and mineral water springs in Khachmaz region. One of the ancient fortress town Khudat (meaning of the word “Khudat” is "God’s wealth”) is located in Khachmaz region. The well-known Shollar water pipeline, which was put into operation in 1917 and still plays an important role in the provision of drinking water of Baku  comes from village of Shollar near Khudat.  

More than 60 historical and cultural monuments were preserved in the region.

Carpet weaving is the most developed among the traditional folk crafts in the region.  

The country's most famous resort Nabran is located in the territory of the Khachmaz region. Here, a lot of healing, tourist facilities, pensions and rest homes are built in places of forests and picturesque sandy beaches.

There are a lot of rest homes, hotels in the region.