The distance up to Baku: 372 km
Transport: Baku-Zagatala bus, Baku-Ganja-Balakan train 
Half of its territory, mainly in mountainous areas, and covered with forests. There are excellent conditions for ecological tourism. Traveling on foot and horseback along the tourist paths it is possible to observe in the reserve the behavior of animals and birds, to make photos and video recordings. There are suitable places for rest and lodging for tourists on these routes. Zagatala is the international region. Together with Azerbaijanis representatives of more than 20 peoples live here: the Avars, Lezgins, Tsakhurs, Russians, Tatars, and Ingiloys.
There are numerous historical and cultural monuments in the area of region. In Qalal and Gozbarakh villages there are XVIII century mosques, in Mazikh village alban tower of XII century and the mosque of XVIII century, in the village of Kebeloba the two monuments of the XIV century, in the village of Yukhari Chardakhlar Peri Tower, in Pashan village Albanian Tower of the XIII century, in Jar village Chingozqala tower of the XIV century, etc.
Climate of Zagatala allowed making this city as a zone of mountain-climate resort. The ancient fortress near the part in Zagatala city was built during the Middle Ages. Sailors of "Potyomkin" insurgent armored ship were imprisoned in this tower.
There are tourist center, recreation centers and hotels in the region.